Markthal Rotterdam – 2016 Global Awards for Excellence Finalist

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Developer: Provast
Designer: MVRDV/INBO
Size/Dimensions: 2.965 acres

In October 2014, at a historical location at the Binnenrotte, next to Blaak Station and the largest open air market, Markthal Rotterdam, the first covered market of The Netherlands, was introduced to the people of Rotterdam. Its shape, colorful interior, size and ability to seamlessly integrate multiple uses with an inviting public space is what makes Markthal stand out. The project includes 121,147.81 sq. ft. of retail space, 102 rental apartments, and 126 apartments for individual owners. The estimated total investment value of the development is about $196.144 million.

Markthal includes a 43,055.64 sq. ft. market floor under an arch of apartments. The combination of an apartment building covering a fresh food market with food shops, restaurants, a supermarket, and an underground parking facility is in line with the city’s ambition to house more people in the center and to raise the quality of life in post-industrial Rotterdam. International acclaim in response to the exceptional 3D animated art piece covering the interior of the arch, has solidified Markthal as a vital development for the surrounding area and the urban economy. Since its opening, 10 million people have visited the Markhal, enthusiastic about the building, design, artwork, concept, and the diversity in food providers. Markthal was awarded the Mipim Award for Best Shopping Center and the MAPIC Area Development prize for 2015.

Due to the location of the Markthal, in the middle of the city center, consumers also visit the existing shops in the surrounding area. Proximity to Blaak Station and an underground parking level have also contributed to the value of the development and enhanced the public experience in the city center. Business owners in the area have experienced a substantial spillover effect from Markthal. Rotterdam has a new icon.

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