What Is Advisory Services?

What is ULI’s Advisory Services program?

Since 1947, Advisory Services panels have helped communities find strategic, practical solutions for the most challenging issues facing today’s urban, suburban, and rural areas. During a concentrated one-week effort, panels address challenging real estate and land use issues and provide solutions.

What does Advisory Services do?

Advisory Services panels provide expert, independent, timely, candid, and unbiased input from national real estate, land use, design, and planning experts. Panels bring outside points of view to help kick-start critical conversations and move beyond decision-making dead ends. They help communities gain fresh insight and come to innovative solutions for complex land use and real estate development challenges.

Who does ULI help?

Advisory Services panels work with local governments, private developers, community development corporations, and many other organizations to address the most challenging real estate and land use issues facing communities today.

How does Advisory Services help?

ULI convenes a panel of industry leaders from its diverse membership, including developers, planners, financiers, market analysts, designers, economists, architects, and public officials to provide practical and objective advice that is not available from any other source.

How are panelists selected?

We recruit an expert, all-volunteer panels from within the ULI membership. A pool of potential panelists is compiled through completion of our interest forms, contacting us, and referrals from other panelists. Then, panelists are selected based on the needs of each assignment. Potentially anyone who is a member can be chosen for such assignment. While there is always a need for developers, architects, brokers, planners, land economists, and market analysts on panels, recent assignments have required the program to recruit members with more specific experiences such as  building healthy places, urban resilience, transit oriented development, municipal leadership and public private partnerships.

Although the hours are long and the work is hard, the pay-off in experience, collaboration and professional development is enormous. If you are ready to help communities across the country, contact Tom Eitler (tom.eilter@uli.org) or Beth Silverman (beth.silverman@uli.org) to sign up. In addition, we have an online interest form.

How long do panels last?

ULI offers five-day and three-day national panels and, depending on the scale, scope, and local needs, the Institute’s local District Councils offer shorter technical assistance panels (TAPs) that are one to two days in length.

What kind of land use and planning challenges do Advisory Services panels address?

Panels focus on a variety of challenges, including: