Larson Leadership Initiative

The Robert C. Larson Leadership Initiative enables ULI to add leadership development activities to its program of work and extend the Institute’s reach to many more current and potential leaders.

“To provide leadership in the responsible use of land…” has been at the core of ULI’s mission since the Institute’s inception. Today, ULI cultivates the leadership skills of its members, at all levels, in order to enhance leadership within ULI, in the development industry, and in communities across the country. Through the inspiration and generosity of Bob Larson, ULI has created the ULI Robert C. Larson Leadership Initiative, funded through the Larson Leadership Endowment, to honor the memory of one of the industry’s leading lights.


LLI WLI Leadership Summit

The Larson Leadership Initiative (LLI) and the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) partner every ULI Spring Meeting to host a Leadership Summit. Historically, the breakfast event has featured an innovative female real estate or business leader with the intention of showcasing strategies that women have employed to attain leadership roles in their industry and community. The Summit is an invite-only event focused on WLI leaders, Foundation Governors, ULI Board Members, and Trustees.

urbanland_32179767678Larson Leadership Mentor Mart

The Robert C. Larson Leadership Initiative presented the third annual Mentor Mart for Emerging Leaders as part of Leadership Day in 2015. The highly interactive format features roundtables which create the opportunity for ULI’s emerging leaders to connect with ULI Trustees, Governors, and 29 senior members.


Emerging Leaders Roundtableurbanland_26111112358

The Emerging Leaders Roundtable is an invitation only event held at the ULI Spring Meeting in which networking sessions are hosted to allow small groups of young emerging leaders to discuss real estate trends
and leadership challenges with accomplished, senior-level ULI members. In past, these sessions have been facilitated by Sandy Apgar, a housing, infrastructure, and real estate consultant and former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Army, who has recruited senior ULI members to serve as mentors to the rising professionals.

CEO Summit

The CEO Summit is customarily held during the ULI Fall Meeting. A limited number of chief executives are invited to discuss the latest industry trends and share their experiences and lessons learned from managing their organizations in the face of global trends, such as changing demographics, emerging technologies, a new regulatory environment and the complexities of the capital markets. A keynote speaker is invited to set the stage for the day, followed by roundtable conversations about the opportunities and challenges of leading organizations in today’s business climate.

Leadership Lessons

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