Urban Innovation Grants

ULI_UIGLogo_color_highresThe ULI Foundation Annual Fund provides funding for Urban Innovation Grants, which support ULI District Council and National Council projects that recognize or launch innovative public/private partnerships and advance the responsible use of land in building healthy, thriving communities worldwide.

The program awarded 30 grants for fiscal year 2012 in recognition of ULI’s 75th anniversary, and the Foundation contributed $250,000 for 15 grants for FY13 and awarded 17 grants for FY14 totaling $250,000. For FY15, 16 grants were awarded  totaling $320,000. In FY16, 14 grants were awarded totaling $219,000. Grants range in size from $5,000 to $25,000.

Most recently for FY17, the ULI Foundation contributed $100,000 and 10 grants were awarded at the 2016 ULI Fall Meeting in Dallas.

Only ULI District Councils and ULI National Councils may apply. In order to be eligible for a grant, projects must:

  • Recognize or launch innovative public/private partnerships for building healthy, thriving communities worldwide.
  • Incorporate regional collaboration.
  • Address the ULI priorities or the topics discussed in the What’s Next? reports.
  • Include a strong role for ULI members.
  • Include a public relations/communications strategy.
  • Be completed by the following September.
  • Include plans for a final report with a summary of success and photos.
uig_winner awards_fy16_lunch_600x200

Review Committee Chair Tom Toomey announces the FY16 Urban Innovation Grant winners in San Francisco (left); Member leadership and staff from winning District and National Councils (right)