Rapid Urbanization

Dr. Cheong Koon Hean, CEO of Singapore's Housing Development Board and ULI Trustee, at the 2013 ULI/Citistates Bellagio Summit on Global Urbanization

ULI believes that best land use practices and sound infrastructure policy reinforce the sustainability, health, and prosperity of 21st century cities. Over the past year, an overarching theme at ULI  has been rethinking urban development for the 21st century, to better meet the needs of cities grappling with myriad challenges resulting from rapid urbanization, population and demographic shifts, new economic drivers, and increasing environmental concerns.  This work was formally kicked off in July 2012 by a summit at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center, which brought together an interdisciplinary mix of land use practitioners, technology experts, and finance professionals to advance discussion around city-building in rapidly growing metropolitan areas around the world.

This page is intended to compile ULI’s diverse work around these issues in one place, and to serve as a virtual convener for those engaged in work and ideas about global urbanization. Comments, conversations, and contributions are highly encouraged.

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Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative: Tomorrow’s City Today

In February 2013, the Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative, a joint program between ULI and the Asia Society, hosted Tomorrow’s City Today, a Global Leadership Forum. This summit, which took place in Hong Kong, built off the success of the July 2012 Bellagio Summit and applied lessons learned to rapidly urbanizing megacities in the Asia Pacific region.

Review the forum’s agenda and presentations

Participants in the ULI/Citistates Global Metropolitan Summit talk about their experience




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